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Финансы Кредитный специалист Страхование Аудит Бухгалтерия (6), Финансовый анализ Банковское обслуживание Кассир Экономист Маркетинг Реклама Связи с общественностью Маркетинг менеджмент Копирайтинг Информационные технологии Разработка и управление базами данных Системное администрирование IT специалист консультант Программирование Управление IT проектами Специалист по аппаратному обеспечению Администрация и управление 13 Административная поддержка Менеджмент Офис менеджмент Секретарь Ресепшн Управление персоналом Продажи 20 Агент по недвижимости маклер Специалист по продажам Дизайн Веб-дизайн Архитектор дизайн интерьеров Дизайн одежды Художник Юриспруденция Адвокат Криминальное право Юрист Образование и наука Преподавание в школах Преподавание в университетах Репетиторство Специальное обучение Тренинги Промышленность и сельское хозяйство Автоматизированное проектирование Строительство Сельское хозяйство Инженерия Геология и окружающая среда Обслуживание Курьер Уборщица Складчик Ресторанное дело Водитель Няня Рабочий Туризм и гостиничное дело Переводчик Охрана Другое Обслуживание Медицина и фармация Врач Медицинский персонал Медицинский представитель Разное Для студентов Журналистика

17 июля 2020 в 22:41 ( 17.07.2022) 7866 Bakı
  • E-mail:
  • Əlaqədar şəxs (S.A.A): Princeps Legem
  • Şirkətin adı: Princeps Legem
  • Telefon: (012) 490-75-46
  • İş təcrübəsi: 5 ildən 10 ilə qədər
  • Təhsil: Orta
  • Əmək haqqı: 2500
  • Тэги: inzibati

İş barədə məlumat - Installation and maintenance of other company Subsea equipment offshore and onshore, according to specifications and procedures e.g Manifold and Pipeline System - Ensure optimal quality and efficiency of work within given area of responsibility - Ensure company quality standards and report of quality deviation through compnay Quality Notification (QN) system is respected - Ensure that all company related operational activities on board the rig/vessel are carried out in a safe and professional manner. - Provide technical and/or operational assistance to internal projects or customers. - Ensure its crew and necessary equipment is well prepared for ongoing and upcoming operations, and that all work is carried out with high focus on HSE, Quality and efficiency. - Be directly responsible for the offshore service technicians conduct and execution of work scope - Participate in departure meeting prior to offshore operation - Provide Daily Service Reports that meet the needs and expectations of the company - Provide fault finding and evaluation reporting for all offshore hardware or tooling failures or issues. Assisting in finding the route cause, failure mechanism and possible workaround / fix to enable work scope to be safely executed so as not to impact offshore activities - Ensure all crew members are conversant with and follow the HSE procedures and regulations, including any additional on site or vessel requirements - Overall responsibility for CONTRACTOR ’ Service operations and personnel, including sub-CONTRACTOR s - Plan and execute the offshore operations, in accordance with Scope of Work, the relevant CONTRACTOR’s GROUP OMM installation procedures and relevant BP’s Offshore Operation Programs - Report to onshore organisation by use of Offshore Reporting System (ORS) or on normal forms - Report all accidents/potential accidents per the HSE / incident management procedure - Perform and manage all offshore checks when onboard, recording all maintenance activities, pre-dive checks and post dive checks. This should be included in the ORS system and made available to the Company upon request

Namizədə tələblər - 5+ years of oil and gas experience with a strong knowledge of Subsea Manifold and Pipeline System, 2 Years of which must have been previously Offshore in a supervisory position. - Documented formal technical education, engineering education or similar. - Experience from offshore work and/or international operations. - Completed all mandatory courses to be qualified as Supervisor - Fluent in English both oral and written

- Mandatory sw-applications: 1 MS Office 2 Employee Self Service (ESS) 3 SAP Travel and time register 4 Be able to find necessary documentation (BOM, Designs, Procedures, etc) by using SAP 5 Offshore Reporting System (ORS) database 6 Specific Software required for this function

Reklam bloku